The history of modern tennis has generally started in 1873. Table tennis hinoki blade, that year, the British Walter Kloppton Winfield improved the early tennis play, making it a summer sports activity on the lawn, and named "grass tennis." In the same year, a booklet titled “Grassland Tennis” was published to promote and promote such activities. So Winfield was called "the founder of modern tennis." Since then, tennis has become a sport that can be carried out indoors and outdoors. At the same time, tennis clubs are established throughout the UK. In 1875, the All England Tennis Club was established. Table tennis hinoki racket, this club built the world's first tennis court, and in 1877 held the All England Grass Tennis Men's Singles Championship, which was later known as the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.
The extensive development of tennis and the increasing frequency of competitions, table tennis hinoki racquet, of course, no uniform rules are not acceptable. So in 1876, representatives from famous tennis clubs in some areas gathered to study and discuss the development of a uniform tennis rule across the UK. Ping pong ball weight,after several rounds of negotiations, representatives of all parties finally reached a consensus on the venue, equipment, play and competition of tennis, and formed a unified rule. After about 1878, most tennis clubs in the UK gradually carried out activities, training and competitions in accordance with the new style of play.

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