Pingpong custom tabletennis blade racket racquet bat paddle,The table tennis bat consists of a bottom plate, a rubber cover and a sponge. Custom table tennis blade, the reasonable combination of the three determines the quality of a racket. We often refer to the terms of table tennis bats and sponges, such as: "speed", "control" and "elastic" "floor and soft". In fact, these indicators do not have the same value of the industry, but the major manufacturers are divided in order to be able to learn from consumers when they buy.
Ping pong ball mass, the performance index of rubber, positive glue is also called short-particle rubber, which is characterized by good elasticity, fast speed, stable shot, no rotation, suitable for near-fast break, especially left-handed right-hand style. It is one of the most commonly used types of rubber for straight-line fast-breaking players. In the past, a large number of world champions such as Zhuang Zedong, Li Furong, Jiang Jialiang, Xie Saike, Liu Guoliang, etc. all used the rubber sponge to shoot. Custom table tennis racquet, if you feel that your wrists are flexible, but the strength of the arms and waist is not enough, then it is best to choose a positive rubber racquet with speed.


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