Custom table tennis wood blade racket racquet bat paddle,Easy to control and clear. Most of the professional players use pure wood racquets. Custom table tennis wood blade, pure wood ball racket is divided into 7 layers of pure wood and 5 layers of pure wood. Custom table tennis wood racket, 7 layers of pure wood for fast arc play. The 5 layers of pure wood used for arc play have obvious fast characteristics, which is the standard of carbon fiber spheres commonly recognized.
Custom table tennis wood paddle, among the athletes who have won the world championship, the texture of a carbon ball rubber used in Grumba, Poland and Primoraz in Croatia can be summarized as brittleness and toughness, and the rubber surface is brittle. The set of rubber out of the ball is crisp, ping pong ball mass, sound and sound is more suitable for fast attack play, rubberized toughness of the rubber is better than the ball and the elasticity is very good, the ball friends who try to use the rubber cover are recommended to use the rubber surface. The brittle rubber sleeve and the rubbery toughness of the rubber surface will give a feeling of false bombs.


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