Custom table tennis wood blade racket bat paddle,The center of gravity of the hitting ball is close to the handle, the resistance arm is short, the starting is quick, the adjustment is flexible, and the control is stable. Table tennis wood racket, pure wood, ping pong ball mass, has the characteristics of fast speed and great power, suitable for near-fast break and middle-class retreat.
4) Carbon bottom plate. The carbon bottom plate is not a carbon plate. The carbon layer is added to the wood interlayer or the carbon powder is added to the glue when the wood is bonded. The carbon base plate is very elastic and has a larger strength than a pure wood base plate of the same structure without carbon.
Table tennis wood bat, but the carbon base plate has the characteristics of poor hand feeling and weak control, especially when it is not exerting force. It is also very similar to the time of exerting force. It plays very well, and the small ball in the table is particularly disadvantageous, usually used by amateurs. To make up for the lack of physical strength. Custom wood blade, horizontal shot is generally suitable for players with tall body, large moving range and partial strength. The pen-holding is more suitable for players who have quick response, more change and flexible body.


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