Name:RAINBOW RIM Carbon Pickleball Paddle
LOGO:Customized Accept with Screen Print
Material:Carbon /Graphite Faces+Polymer HoneyCOmb Core & Nomex& Alum& PMI
Weight:< 230Grams
Color:Customzied accept
Usage:USAPA Pickleball Games & Training
Approval:USAPA Quality Approval

Rainbow Rim Carbon Polymer Honeycomb Core Pickleball Paddle,The Peak Ball is an ascendant sport. In the United States, approximately 2.5 million people are engaged in the sport throughout the year. The Peak Ball has become a regular sport in middle school physical education classes and has become commonplace among young people and the elderly. Rainbow Pickleball Paddle, just in New York State, there are more than 500 schools that set the Peak Ball as a course. Every year, the United States has competitions in the city, state, and country of the Peak Ball in many places, as well as the National Association of Peak Balls. The field of the pike ball is exactly the same as the badminton court. Carbon Polymer Pickleball Paddle, used as a tennis ball, is a thin shell hollow ball made of hard plastic with 26 holes about 1 cm in diameter. The horizontally held racket is shaped like a larger table tennis bat, originally made of wood, and currently has lighter fiberglass, EVA, PE materials, honeycomb paper, hybrid materials and carbon fiber sheets.
In the amount of activity and activity of the body, pickleball vs paddle tennis, the ball is more active and active than badminton and table tennis, so it is better to exercise than badminton and table tennis. The amount of activity and movement of the Peak Ball is smaller than that of tennis. Those who do not play tennis are suitable for playing the ball as a regular exercise program. Rainbow Rim Pickleball Paddle, the Peak Ball is suitable for all ages. Especially in the past, playing tennis, but currently losing the conditions to continue playing tennis (some people say that the ball is "seniors' tennis, seniors' tennis"), or people who play table tennis or badminton, want to find more intense sports. The Peak Ball is an excellent choice. In addition, because the field and equipment required by the Pike ball are cheaper than the tennis ball, some people joked that the Pique ball is "poor men's tennis."


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