This is the description of Graphite Pickleball Edge Guard Paddle USAPA Quality
Graphite Pickleball Edge Guard Paddle USAPA Quality,Pickleball is a sport that hits the ball with a racket and is raised from Benbury Island in Seattle, USA. Pickleball vs paddle tennis, saying it is a mix of tennis, badminton and table tennis, that's the best thing. It was invented by two people. The name of the "Pick" ball came from a dog of one of the inventors; at the beginning of the invention test, the dog named Peak often ran on the ball. In terms of physical activity and activity, the Graphite Pickleball, the ball is more active and active than badminton and table tennis, so it is better to exercise than badminton and table tennis.
The field of the pike ball is exactly the same as the badminton court. Graphite Pickleball Edge, used as a tennis ball, is a thin shell hollow ball made of hard plastic with 26 holes about 1 cm in diameter. The horizontally held racket is shaped like a larger table tennis bat, originally made of wood, and currently has lighter fiberglass, EVA, PE materials, honeycomb paper, hybrid materials and carbon fiber sheets. Pickleball Edge Guard, the ball is served by the ball, the following shot must be sent, the contact surface of the ball and the racket (the tee point) is below the waist. [Note] The lower cast gesture: the arm must move in the direction of the arc upwards, and the point at which the racket contacts the ball must be lower than the wrist (the part of the racket that does not contain the handle, the highest point of the racket cannot be higher than the wrist)

Name: Superman Edge Pickleball Paddle
Model: Superman RS
Material: Carbon Face+Poly Honeycomb+ PU edge guard
Size: 39.3CM length * 26CM width*11mm Thickness
Weight: 225~240grams
Logo: 2~3C Screen Print, accpet OEM/ODM
Approval: USAPA Approval
Packing: 20PCS/CTN=70x43x24cm; G/N.W=7/5KGS;


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