Best Selling New Design Beach Paddle Summerhouse Beach Bat,The texture of the rubber can be summarized as brittleness and toughness. The rubbery surface is crispy and the ball is crisp. The sound is louder and better for fast attack. Best Selling Summerhouse Beach Bat, the rubberized toughness is better than the ball and the elasticity is very good. Well, the golfers who try to use the rubbery glue suggest to use the brittle rubber cover. The elastic rubberity of the rubber surface will give a feeling of false bomb. Most of the horizontal plates and Chinese-style straight plates are round, like Wang Hao, Wang Liqin, and Ma Lin. They all use round beats. However, some straight-line athletes in Japan, South Korea, North Korea, and Taiwan often use square-shaped "Japanese rackets." For example, South Korea’s Liu Chengmin, Jin Zezhu, and Taiwan’s Jiang Yilong are all using Japanese-style pen-holds.
New Design Beach Paddle, the characteristics of the round racquet is: the center of gravity of the hitting ball is close to the handle, the resistance arm is short, the starting is quick, the adjustment is flexible, and the control is stable. Pickleball vs paddle tennis, the characteristics of the square racquet is: the center of gravity of the hitting ball is far from the handle, Best Selling Summerhouse Beach Bat, the resistance arm is long, the acceleration is large, and the natural smashing power is greater.


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