This is the description of Seamless adhesive soccer ball official match football NO.5 PU football
Seamless adhesive soccer ball official match football NO.5 PU football,Try to put the football into the opponent's goal during the game. You can get one point for each shot. smart soccer ball price,When the game is over, the team with more scores will win. If the scores are the same within the time specified in the competition, it must be determined by the competition chapter. You can draw the scores, overtime or reciprocal penalty (12 yards). Seamless adhesive soccer ball, in addition to the goalkeeper can use his hand to contact football in his own restricted area, official match football, each player on the court can only use other parts of the body outside the hand to control the football (except for the open ball).
Soccer ball match, 1. Site area: The competition venue should be rectangular, its length should not be more than 120 meters or less than 90 meters, and the width should not be more than 90 meters or less than 45 meters (the length of the international competition venue should not exceed 110 meters) Or less than 100 meters, the width shall not be more than 75 meters or less than 64 meters). In any case, the length must exceed the width. 2. Drawing line: The playing field should be clear lines according to the plane drawing. The line width should not exceed 12 cm, and it should not be made into a “V” shaped groove. The longer two lines are called edge lines, and the shorter ones are called end lines. In the middle of the field, draw a line across the court, called the center line. The center of the site should make an obvious mark, and take this point as the center of the circle, with a radius of 9.15 meters, draw a circle called the middle circle. At each corner of the site, there should be a flat-topped flagpole of not less than 1.50 meters high on the vertical side, and a flag on the upper side of the flag; similar flags and flagpoles can be vertically placed at least at the side of the line opposite the centerline of the site at least: meters. 3. Goal area: On the goal line at 5.50 meters from the inside of the goal post, draw a line with a length of 5.50 meters perpendicular to the goal line, one end connected to the goal line and one end connected at the other end. The line is parallel to the goal line, and the area within the range of the three lines and the goal line is called the goal area.

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