This is the description of PU size 5 official match football for training
PU size 5 official match football for training,In addition to the goalkeeper in the football game, the player can use his hand to contact the football in the restricted area. Each player on the court can only use other parts of the body other than the hand to control the football (except for the open ball). Smart soccer ball price, after the initial popularity of the Han Dynasty, the Tang and Song dynasties culminated in activities, and even played according to the division of position on the field. There have been many ways in the Tang Dynasty. There are "hiccups" in the number of games, and there are "white hits" in the middle of the field, similar to net-style football. There are many people involved in the fight, and there are also Set up the goal of the game, football for training,this way each team has a certain number of people and a fixed position, competition training football, stipulate that players can only kick in their position, can not move. No. 5 PU material football, at the same time, it spread to Japan with Buddhism. It is still seen in Japanese and Korean that the use of football as "Ryukyu" is influenced by China.
The ball for the game should be round, PU material glue training football, official match football for training,its outer casing is made of leather or other licensed materials, and materials that may harm the athletes should not be used in its structure. The circumference of the ball must not be more than 71 cm or less than 68 cm. The weight of the ball shall not exceed 453 grams or less than 396 grams at the beginning of the game. After inflation, the pressure should be equal to 0.6 to 1.1 at atmospheric pressure (at sea level), which is equivalent to 600-1100 g/cm'. During the game, the ball for the game may not be replaced without the permission of the referee. The World Cup, the full name of the FIFA World Cup, is a worldwide football competition led and organized by the International Football Federation. Each competition lasts for three years from the preliminaries to the finals. It is the world's largest, most influential and highest-level national team competition. It is also known as the world's top three events in the IOC Olympics and F1 Championships. The most successful winners were the Brazilian national football team, which won five World Cup championships. The 2018 World Cup was held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. And won the championship by the French team.

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