This is the description of Custom underwear packaging storage double rope drawstring bag
Custom underwear packaging storage double rope drawstring bag,The package structure of the long-distance travel backpack is similar to that of the mountaineering bag. The packaging double rope drawstring bag is only wider and has a number of side pockets to classify the pieces. The front face of the long-distance travel bag can usually be fully opened. sport bags sports direct, it is very convenient to pick and place items. Medium-sized backpacks are generally between 30 and 50 liters. These backpacks are more versatile, with 2 to 4 days of field trips, travel between cities and some long-distance non-camping self-help trips. Medium-sized backpacks are a good fit. It is. Carry-on clothes and some everyday items can be worn. Double rope drawstring bag, medium-sized backpacks are more diverse in style and variety. Some backpacks have some side pockets that are more conducive to dispensing items. The back structure of these backpacks is roughly the same as the large backpack.
Small backpacks have a capacity of less than 30 liters. These backpacks are mostly used in cities. Of course, it is also suitable for 1 to 2 days of outings. The five-color flower shoulder bag is made of high-quality beautiful velvet and PP cotton. It is designed in the shape of a flower, the color is yellow, the flowers are five-color petals, and there is a long yellow strap. Five-color flower shoulder bag fashion novel, love pattern shoulder bag fashion novel, Custom underwear packaging, material strong wear-resistant, durable, no fading, the entire package work fine, style popular, the bag can put a purple daily necessities and other small pieces Items, suitable for small girls. Love pattern shoulder bag is produced in Zhejiang, double love pattern shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet and PP cotton. It is designed as a double love shape, the color is green, and there are two overlapping red and blue on the surface. Love, there is a green arrow.

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